Our Vision

Our Vision is to see lives transformed by Jesus in the Okanagan Valley.

It's all about REAL life as God intended. Each letter represents an aspect of life we continually work and pray towards as a church.


The Redeemed Life is where it all begins - Gospel centred life. We live in a broken world - anyone can see that. We believe it is God's plan to rescue (redeem) and transform those who love and believe in Him. Many of our programs are designed to introduce people to Jesus for the first time - Alpha, Living Nativity and Community Groups to name a few. 


The Empowered Life is where we really begins to change! God loves us too much to leave us the way were. We all have baggage and issues that God wants to heal and change. The Holy Spirit continually points us to a better way - Jesus living in us and changing us - constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. He continually changes us (sanctifies) us, equips us and calls us to grow. Our key ministry programs for the Empowered Life is "Set Free" and Community Groups. 


The Active Life describes what we are called to DO and how we are called to be representatives of Jesus in our world. We gather at the weekends and then we "scatter" throughout the week. We serve our church but then we also seek to serve our community. Life Tracks is the program at WPC that helps people discover their God given natural strengths as well as their spiritual gifts.


The Listening Life is where we believe true life is found. It's that connection with God that often leaves us without words. Learning to hear his voice as we pray and connect with living and actively involved God. Prayer is of ultimate importance in our church and we make it a high priority in all we do.


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