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  • HWY 33 (RUTLAND)

    439 Hwy 33
    Kelowna, BC, V1X1Y2

    Our in-person church services happen on Sundays at 10:30 am and 5:30 pm (Pursuit). We also meet at Church Online on Sundays at 10:30 am.

    Service Times

    Sunday 10:30am
    Sunday 5:30pm


    4574 Raymer Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 1H9
    (Bellevue Creek Elementary School)

    Our in-person church service happens on Sundays at 10:30 am. We also meet at Church Online on Sundays at 10:30 am.

    Service Time

    Sunday 10:30am


    11370 Bottom Wood Lake Rd
    Lake Country, BC, V4V1V4
    (Winfield SDA building)

    Our Lake Country community meets on Sundays at 10 am. We share space with the Winfield SDA Church in Lake Country.

    Service Time

    Sunday 10:00am

  • Online Church
    Live every Sunday from our

    Hwy 33 & South locations.

    On-demand on YouTube for our

    Creekside, Hwy 33 & South locations.

    Live Service Time

    Sunday 10:30am

Update from Pastor Jeremy – September 16, 2022

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Hello Creekside family. This is Pastor Jeremy with just a quick video message for you.

Hopefully you enjoyed last week as we all got together and had soup together. Thank you to all of our volunteers throughout the years who’ve helped serve in our church. And we’re excited for the new things that are going to be happening within our church and we are thankful that you are participating in that. So thank you for signing up. We’re going to have the sign-ups up throughout the rest of September, so you’ll see them this Sunday and the following Sunday. And so again, if you feel like you missed or you’re wondering still, “what should I sign up for?” the opportunity will still be there throughout the next coming weeks.

Now this Sunday is the Block Party. It is happening. I’m really excited about this. Again, this is just us opening up our church after service just to let people know, hey, we’re here. And so, we’re not sure how many people are going to come. But the main goal is this: that we’re creating a space, one for people to come to see us to show up, and offering them a free lunch to chat with them. There’s going to be some games, there’s going to be bouncy castles, there’s snow cones. So there will be lots of opportunity for people to come and just to enjoy just something that is being done for them as we are new in the community.

And you know what, for us as a church community too, I encourage you to stay after and we’re going to need you to stay after because you know what, there’s going to be things that you can participate in. Chatting with people, helping out with some games, serving some snow cones, barbecuing and there’s a lunch. And so still, so we get back-to-back weeks of a lunch. So I encourage our church family to stay after to enjoy what’s going to be happening outside of the church, and also to be those that are welcoming who are just showing up on that Sunday after our church service.

So still we’re having our church service from 10 to 11 and so that we can be for them prepared at 11:30 for whoever shows up and for the lunch that’s going to partake. So church family, stay after service, participate in what’s happening, converse with people that show up but also enjoy lunch. And so we are excited to see what happens this Sunday. We don’t know, but you know what, it’s a great opportunity to open up our space, for us to fellowship with one another, for us to connect with the people that live close to the new building that we are meeting at.

So sign up, there’s some areas in this email where we still need help. Please let me know that you can help fill in in these areas. Your participation in this is going to help with the success of this, and so we need our church family to come alongside and to partake with what’s happening. And so thank you so much for all of those who signed up and we look forward to this Sunday. Come, there’s the 10 am service, then after the service, the Block Party. Stay for the lunch, participate in what’s happening.

We are excited again for this Sunday. Thank you.