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  • HWY 33 (RUTLAND)

    439 Hwy 33
    Kelowna, BC, V1X1Y2

    Our in-person church services happen on Sundays at 10:30 am and 5:30 pm (Pursuit). We also meet at Church Online on Sundays at 10:30 am.

    Service Times

    Sunday 10:30am
    Sunday 5:30pm


    4574 Raymer Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 1H9
    (Bellevue Creek Elementary School)

    Our in-person church service happens on Sundays at 10:30 am.

    Service Time

    Sunday 10:30am
    Online 11.30am


    11370 Bottom Wood Lake Rd
    Lake Country, BC, V4V1V4
    (Winfield SDA building)

    Our Lake Country community meets on Sundays at 10 am. We share space with the Winfield SDA Church in Lake Country.

    Service Time

    Sunday 10:00am

  • Online Church
    Live every Sunday from our

    Hwy 33 location

    On-demand on YouTube for our

    Creekside, Hwy 33 & South locations

    Live Service Time

    Sunday 10:30am

Update from Pastor Glen – January 20, 2023

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Hey South family. Just an exciting piece of news for you all if you didn’t hear it on Sunday, and then also a couple of really important announcements that are coming up for you to know over the next couple of weeks.

So the first thing is, as I announced on Sunday, that Willow Park Church has been successful, if you want to use that word, in being able to start negotiating for First Mennonite Church. What that means is First Mennonite, there was a few different churches involved, and then First Mennonite, through different factors and different decision making processes have invited Willow Park Church to start some formal negotiations around what purchasing that building might look like.

And so now we’ve had a Town Hall which was last night, which was amazing, thank you so much for all of you that came out. So many Southies were there and we had a really good time. I was thinking there was going to be lots of questions and we were prepared for that and there were some questions, but what was really encouraging was the number of people who just stood up and shared their story about the South and what it means to them and why it’s exciting to go ahead with this building.

So we’re going to walk this out carefully, very prayerfully. We’ve still got a long way to go and there will be a congregational vote before we make that purchase. But we feel this was a very important and positive step last night. So thank you so much. In connection with that, it is so important that you do the survey. Please, please, please go on to There’s an information document there. Fill out the survey. We want to know what you think. We want to know where people are at in terms of the future. If you’re in a couple, then please do it separately. I think we’ve had 78 responses so far. It’s been open about 36 hours. That’s good. But really we should be cracking up to 150 to 200 responses at least. So please, please do that. It takes you three minutes. It’s really simple. So

And also because we’re moving into some formal decision making, if you still intend to become a member and you’re not yet a member, please do that… All the information you need is there. We’re getting to the point where literally your vote will count. And so so please do that. That would be amazing.

Couple of other things coming up this Sunday. I am speaking again from John chapter one. We had a lovely Sunday last week looking at John1:1-14. We’re going to look at the next section. So please read ahead for that.

A little further on, “The Hiding Place”, which is, it feels weird calling it a show, an event, I guess, a drama that we’re going to be showing at 33 on January 26, 27, 28. Very, very evangelistic. Great thing to bring your friends to. Beautiful story about forgiveness. It’s going to be amazing. We’ve heard great things about it. It’s booking up quickly, so please go onto the website and book your ticket for that amazing show.

And then almost straight after that, a week or so later, we have Alpha starting. So it might be your friend you want to bring to “The Hiding Place” and then you bring them to Alpha. That starts on February 7th. All this information will either be in the email below or in the bio if you’re watching this on social media. Or the best place is to go straight to the website.

That’s it from me. Really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Please keep praying about First Mennonite. We’re excited about the future and what God is doing and look forward to seeing you this weekend. God bless.