Update from Pastor Phil - November 26, 2021

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Pastor Phil

Hi 33. I am so blessed at what is happening around our church. I mean, so many of you have volunteered, so many of you have showed your support in wonderful ways. Of course the whole of the front foyer is this wonderful area where we give away clothes, helping people from Merritt and those affected by the floods. And just ministering the good news of Jesus, in deed, in making a difference through our actions. It's fantastic.

So this Sunday I'm going to continue to preach from Colossians. And I want to speak to you from the first couple of verses from Colossians 3 about setting our minds on things above. And really it's going to talk about perseverance. Are we willing to persevere and how do we keep persevering? So come and join me for that.

Also, can I ask you, to join us for Willow ONE prayer at 5:30 on Sunday evening. It's really important that we gather to worship and to pray. We always do this in November and it's significant because we pray for the fruitfulness of December's outreach events, our Living Nativity. We pray for our Christmas services. We pray for prodigals. We pray that the Lord will move in good news.

But also I think God is asking us as Christians, and as Willow Park Church, to stand in the gap and to seek the Lord for our province. With the natural disasters taking place, with all of those families and people that have been displaced with all that is taking place. We want to worship and then we want to pray for God's presence, for His power, to come into our province at this time.

Childcare is available and I know that the team will take the children through a prayer process themselves. So please, join us. I look forward to seeing you Sunday morning and celebrating and worshiping together and talking about perseverance and keeping our mind in the right place on things above and what that means. And I look forward to just spending that hour and a half in worship and in prayer seeking the Lord for our city, for our province. Come, Lord Jesus, thy will be done.


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