Update from Pastor Phil - November 19, 2021

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Pastor Phil

We are gathering this weekend to worship together, to celebrate the Lord, to remember all of His goodness. And of course, this has been quite a week. And I've got a message to share with the whole of our church network, about the power of lamenting through difficult times, about grief, and about hope coming out of that grief.

We had a powerful time as a staff team, on Monday, and yet, emotionally, it was painful as well. As we spent time worshiping and praying, and stepping into asking the Lord, "Lord, be with us at this time. Lord, meet with us. Lord, come to us."

And so, this weekend, the message is really about that. About Christ's voice in the darkness, and how He comes to help us, even in our pain and the most difficult of circumstances.

It's actually really apt, as well, because of what's taking place in BC. Even as I talk to you now, our church is a reception center, for those who have been displaced in Merritt and around the Coquihalla. And people are coming here to register, and so on. So do pray for people. And we are watching all of this on the news unfold, of course. And this weekend, we will be praying, and sharing, and asking God to be with our province at this really difficult time. It feels like we've been hit quite a few times.

So come and join us. There's a lot going on as we prepare for Christmas. You know all the information about Christmas services, Living Nativity, volunteers. Please step in, connect with the community, and let's be a blessing. And let's keep looking out and keep believing, for the Lord is with us.


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