Update from Pastor Jeremy - November 26, 2021

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Pastor Jeremy

Hello Lake Country family, this is Pastor Jeremy. I just have a quick video announcement for you. First off, I want to thank everybody for their efforts in helping sort out clothes this past week as we were bombarded with so much clothes from the community and from our church family. It's been amazing to see the involvement of our church as we have navigated this natural disaster, helping those who have been affected by it. And so you gave of your time and sorted clothes. You came and helped those who were looking for clothes. you came and helped serve them and you also gave via just giving money or gift cards. And so thank you Lake Country campus, Creekside, for your help in this. It's been amazing to see our church in our community of Kelowna and Lake Country really partake in helping those affected by the flood. So I want to acknowledge that and say thank you to everyone who asked, "how can I help?", and for those who have actually came out and helped.

This Sunday we're kicking off our Christmas season, our Advent series. It is named, "He shall be Called". I'll be speaking on hope. I would love for you to come out to listen to this sermon that I will be speaking this Sunday. We'd love to see you there. It's going to be exciting.

There's lots happening within our campus in our network this Christmas season. You can look at the content in the email that's provided here to find out how you can partake. I want to mention one quick thing that we are doing. Every Christmas season our campus goes and helps a family in need. And so for those who know Chris Wiens and his family, they have headed off to the English House. They're there helping families and teaching English to those who can't get to school every day. And so it's exciting that Chris does this and we are want to team up with him and help those kids' families in Guatemala.

And so there's about 30 kids that are at the English house and we want to provide a Christmas basket for each of those kids' families. Each basket costs about $25. That totals about $750. And so we want to partake in raising money, so Chris can go purchase Christmas baskets for each of those kids' families. And so how can you do this? For the next three Sundays we're going to have a container out that is going to be strictly donations for MMF which is the organization that Chris works with. That's Multi-nation Missions Fellowship. And so we would like cash donations and cheque donations, in order that we can send those off to Chris for these next three Sundays. And so the next three Sundays, maybe your family wants to support one family in Guatemala, that's 25 bucks. Maybe you want to do four families that's 100 bucks. I don't know, but this is a great way where we have a direct connection in helping a family overseas and that Chris can come back with the good news of what that meant to them. And so we really want to participate in this. And so for the next three Sundays, donations for MMF, in regards to making Christmas baskets for the kids at English House.

That's all I have. Pastor Phil just has a quick announcement here for you.

Pastor Phil

Thank you Jeremy. I love to hear about everything that is taking place in Lake Country and the way that, as a community, you are really following the leading of the Lord.

Okay, I want to ask you, as we are in the moment of provincial crisis, whether you as a Lake Country Campus, individuals, will make an effort to come and join us at Hwy 33 on Sunday evening at 5:30 for Willow One Prayer. Now the November church prayer meeting is always really important because we pray for all of our campuses and all of our Christmas outreaches. We pray for Living Nativity. We pray, as we invite friends and family, that the Holy Spirit will move and work.

But it's even more important at the moment of course, or more pressing I should say, because we want to pray now for our province. We want to step into the gap and we want to pray for the disaster. Want to pray for the small towns. We want to pray for the Lower Mainland. We want to pray for all that is taking place. And I really do believe that God is calling all Christians to step into the gap. And as we're experiencing these extreme weather moments that we are praying for the human toll that is taking place.

It's always a wonderful time of worship and then into a time of prayer led from the front, so that we have all of our precautions in place. But we're able to pray, worship safely and ask God to move in our province. Please come and join us this Sunday.


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