Update from Pastor Jeremy - November 19, 2021

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Pastor Jeremy

Hello Lake Country family. This is Pastor Jeremy and I just have a quick video message for you. I hope you enjoyed this past Sunday. In case you missed it you can click on the link for the sermon attached to this email. I talked through Colossians 4:2-6 where we talked about prayer being vital as we go out to share the gospel. So I hope this week as you spent time with Christ that you were praying for those in your community, your neighbours, maybe somebody specifically, so you would have the opportunity to share Christ. And Christ will give you the words to share to that person. And so, it was, I think a great message. I hope that you enjoyed it.

This Sunday Pastor Phil has a timely message for our church community as a whole. He will be videoed in on Sunday at all of our campuses and I hope for you to come and to listen to this message that he has for our wider church family this Sunday.

Upcoming on December 4th, we have our Gingerbread and Carols happening in Lake Country. Please sign up. On December 12th we have our Lake Country, our Creekside community program that's going to happen for our service and there'll be a lunch after. And then we have Living Nativity the week after that. And so we have lots coming up in regards to Christmas, so check out our website. There's a Christmas link, you can click on that to find out more what's happening for this season coming up.

Lastly this Sunday on November 21, we're going to have our Town Hall Meeting right after the service. So I encourage you to stick around as we discuss the follow-up to our last Town Hall in September. And so we would really like for our meeting to happen quickly after the service. And so it would take a lot of hands to come and help us tear down and pack up all of our equipment so we can have that ready to go before the Town Hall and then we can leave quickly after the Town Hall. So... lots happening. Check out the email. I hope to see you this Sunday. Thanks.

Pastor Phil

As many of you know the Bible talks about the power of the renewing of the mind. In Romans chapter twelve verses one and two, it talks about giving yourself as a living sacrifice to the Lord and be renewed ... the renewing of the mind. The very idea that the way that we think that we can be renewed is something that Christians have always believed... that we don't have to think a negative way. We can actually think a really positive way. Because what we know through science which is now caught up with the Bible...I love that... now caught up with the Bible, is that rather than our brains as we thought are kind of hard-wired and like a circuit board and it can't be changed the way we think our attitude, our character. In fact we've discovered now that the brain is more like a forest and the way that we think are like paths that go through that forest. And so often we go down one path which can be negative, it can be destructive, it can be hurtful. But by choosing to think a different way, by the renewing of the mind, we can actually open new paths and new ways of thinking that help us, that build us up, the renewing of the mind.

And I know that as we look at the book of Colossians as a church, we are being renewed in our thinking about the centrality of Jesus. That rather than thinking about this problem, this challenge, this difficulty and so often we go down that path. We want to set our minds on things above and we want to be transformed by thinking about glorious and wonderful things. And when that happens, that old path of negativity starts to grow over, starts to close up, starts to disappear. And this new path of the way that we learn to think, comes alive and creates this path. So I can go, not towards my worry, not towards my anxiety, but I can go towards life. I can go towards joy. I can go towards freedom. I can choose to bless the Lord. I can choose to bring everything in order because sometimes our brains are like kind of a cocktail party of activity. But we can stop, we can decide to go down a particular path. And that's what we know is the renewing of the mind, that we start to focus on Jesus.

And this weekend, in all of our campuses, we will be talking through Colossians and talking about the supremacy, the glory, the wonder, the amazing character of Christ and how we can learn to think about Him and understand that He is the center and through Him all things are held together. I personally can't barely wait to preach this coming weekend and I know that the other pastors, Pastor Glen, Pastor Jeremy, Pastor Jordan, they have enjoyed these messages so much. Encouraging the body to think differently, to create different pathways in our minds spiritually and say "I am going to center my thoughts on the Lord."

So be blessed. Join us. Get involved... so many ways, you can see those ways through the email below and connect with us. But let me just mention one thing as I finish. The AGM. It's happening at 3 pm on Sunday. You get to hear what's going on the church. You get to hear all about the good news. We get to look at our finances and also if you're interested at 2 pm, there is a financial meeting. It's all gonna be on Zoom. You need to register. Read the information. But I need you and would love you to participate in our Member's Meeting, our AGM, and hear all about the life of Willow Park Church that is touching so many.

Just this last period we've had the outreach at Halloween. We have had, it was amazing to see the families that we touched literally hundreds and hundreds. We did Set Free. We had Willow One Prayer and we're seeing lives changed. We are on mission, not on maintenance. So get connected and we'll see you this weekend.


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