Update from Pastor Glen - November 26, 2021

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Pastor Glen

Hey South people. Just a quick hello to you and we missed you last weekend. Sarah and I were able to get away for a couple of days which was wonderful. A big thank you to Nick and Jenny and Zoe and Erica and the team for taking a lead in the worship. We heard great things. Of course Pastor Phil shared that phenomenal message around Lazarus and mourning and Jesus, and it was just a really, really good weekend. So thank you so much for all the team for making that happen.

This weekend we're actually finishing off Colossians. Now, I know some of you are going to get a bit twitchy because we've missed out on a couple of verses from Chapter three, but we really felt strongly that we needed to share the word that Phil gave this last weekend. And so we are going to jump back into Colossians. We've just got to figure out when to do it.

So this weekend I'm carrying on and finishing our series in Colossians, even though it's the first week of Advent, because then it is full on Christmas. I'm super excited about that. I'm gonna let Nick and Jenny share more information about that over the next little while, but it's going to be a really, really great season. So this weekend we'll finish off Colossians.

Now for those of you who have been watching the news, and just hearing and reading some of the emails, it has been an amazing week at Willow Park Church. We are blown away by the generosity, not just of our church community and thank you for that, but also the generosity of our community. Right now, as I film this, we've got dozens and dozens of volunteers from the community in the church, sorting out clothes, giving out clothes to people who've been affected by the floods and the evacuees. And it's just been an amazing, really hard work. And the team, the staff team, the volunteer team has just been incredible in their hard work. But what a week. It's really a place where, as a pastor, you just think, this is just an amazing opportunity to show the love of Jesus to our community. So, thank you to those who volunteered. Thank you to those of you who have given stuff. Please don't give any more stuff because we literally have run out of room. But keep an ear out as well as to how you might be able to help over the next little while.

Okay, I think that is it. I'm going to leave it there. Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday in-person at 10:30, online at 11. And also this Sunday, we've got something a bit different for the Online Church viewers. So let us know what you think... a little bit of a different way of doing it, which we're really excited about. So, God bless you. We love you. So thankful to pastor this church and I look forward to seeing you very, very soon. God bless.

Pastor Phil

Thank you, Glen. That's exciting about what is taking place in the South community. A real blessing.

I just want to take literally one minute of your time at the end to just say, would you be willing to come and to gather for worship at WillowOne Prayer, at Highway 33 at 5:30 on Sunday evening? This prayer meeting in November is critical. It's critical usually because it's our key time when we pray for all the Christmas outreach events. It's even more critical, that I believe as a church, we need to step into the gap and pray for our province. Pray for those who have been displaced by the floods, pray that God's kingdom and God's power will come into the towns and communities that have been affected.

I know as we work with Merritt, we're looking forward to a partnership with the churches in Merritt, to be able to ship the clothing that we have down to Merritt so that the people get to receive the generosity of Kelowna and of Willow Park Church. But all this is only successful if it's bathed in prayer. And I believe that by standing back and saying, "Lord, in the middle of crisis, in the middle of this disaster, we want to be a praying people, praying for our province and praying for our community." So it's going be a time of worship, a time of prayer and we'll be able to step in. There's also child provision available. So please join us for Willow One Prayer and let's pray for our province and let's pray for the Christmas season that God will work.


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