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Pastor Glen

Hey Mission people, people of the South. My name is Glen. If this is the first time you're getting the video, I'm one of the pastors here at Willow Park Church and it's my joy to be able to say a quick "hello" for this couple of minutes as you continue to read the email from Jenny.

Last Sunday, I don't know if you heard my message, but I mentioned "Elf". We're getting closer and closer to Christmas as a family. It's just one of those traditions now that we have to watch "Elf" every Christmas. Love it! Remember that scene when he's finding gum in New York underneath the handrails near the subway and he kind of discovers that he's like, this is amazing. He tastes it and he's like -gag- . Well I shared on Sunday how when I was a little kid, when I was about three or four, I remember very vividly finding patches of dried gum, but actually the ones that have been kind of stepped into the pavement outside our house. And if in Britain you'll know there are places where this stuff is everywhere. And I remember going to "what's this?" and picking it up with a stick. Okay, bear with me. I hope you're not watching this while you're having breakfast or eating anything really. But picking it up with a stick and then popping it in my mouth and like still discovering some flavor. It's like, this is amazing. Look at all this stuff. And so when I watch "Elf" I always think about this. Let's just say that when my mom found out, I also remember very vividly the consequences of doing this. But, I'm fine. Well some would argue, maybe not, but it didn't do me any harm at the time.

The point I was making on Sunday, and not just to make everybody in the congregation feel sick, was that we need to be really careful what we allow into our bodies, both on a physical level, but also on a mental emotional level. And just be really careful what we read, what we watch, what we listen to because it might have some flavour to it. Doesn't mean that it's good, doesn't mean it's good for your soul. And so I talked about anxiety and peace and how the world says you can manage your anxiety. Whereas the Bible says actually, God, the peace of God can guard your hearts and minds. It's not just about managing, its actually a mind renewal. It's amazing. And how neuroscience is catching up with the Bible. I recommended this really good book called "Switch on your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf who is a neuroscientist and a Christian. And I know a few of you have already bought that. Anyway, that message is well worth listening to.

But this Sunday, it's kind of along with that, we're looking forward to having Pastor Phil share with us. It's not something we do very often because he's got his own congregation here, but he's also the Lead Pastor of the whole Network. So we're going to, with the beauty of technology, Pastor Phil is going to be sharing with us a really, really important, prophetic message that just dovetails so well with what I shared last Sunday. So please make sure you come on Sunday at 10:30 and enjoy some worship together and hear from Pastor Phil. And also if you're watching online at 11:00, we've got a few changes coming up soon with our online church and we're excited to share with you the next couple of weeks. But I'll leave that for another time.

Please read through the email from Jenny. Lots of information there about Christmas. It is coming very, very quickly. We've got lots of exciting things coming up. We've got Advent season and Courtney's going to be doing some cool stuff in church and then we've got our Gingerbread and Carols and of course Living Nativity and Christmas Eve. There's just so much going on.

So have a read through the email, check out the message from last week if you want to learn more about my gum picking efforts when I was three year old, and we're looking forward to seeing you this Sunday, God bless you, we miss you for all those who still watching online. We are so thankful you're still joining us and we'll see you really soon. God bless . 

Pastor Phil

We are gathering this weekend to worship together, to celebrate the Lord, to remember all of His goodness. And of course, this has been quite a week. And I've got a message to share with the whole of our church network, about the power of lamenting through difficult times, about grief, and about hope coming out of that grief.

We had a powerful time as a staff team, on Monday, and yet, emotionally, it was painful as well. As we spent time worshiping and praying, and stepping into asking the Lord, "Lord, be with us at this time. Lord, meet with us. Lord, come to us."

And so, this weekend, the message is really about that. About Christ's voice in the darkness, and how He comes to help us, even in our pain and the most difficult of circumstances.

It's actually really apt, as well, because of what's taking place in BC. Even as I talk to you now, our church is a reception center, for those who have been displaced in Merritt and around the Coquihalla. And people are coming here to register, and so on. So do pray for people. And we are watching all of this on the news unfold, of course. And this weekend, we will be praying, and sharing, and asking God to be with our province at this really difficult time. It feels like we've been hit quite a few times.

So come and join us. There's a lot going on as we prepare for Christmas. You know all the information about Christmas services, Living Nativity, volunteers. Please step in, connect with the community, and let's be a blessing. And let's keep looking out and keep believing, for the Lord is with us.


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