Willow Park Clubs

Willow Park Clubs

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 04/06/2021 to 05/27/2021, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Cost: $40.00

It’s happening! Our Kids Club program is making a change and we are so excited! To better serve our communities our in-person Kids Club will be offered this spring at 3 locations in Rutland, Mission and Lake Country. Club nights happen weekly from 6-7:30 pm and the cost is $40 per child for 8 weeks of fun! Each evening will include interactive Bible-teaching, physically distanced games, activities to keep everyone engaged and a safe and healthy snack will be provided.  Parents will need to pre-register as NO registration will be taken at the door due to restrictions.

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Please note: We will be adhering to physical distancing, sanitation practices and limiting group sizes as part of our COVID-19 response. Space is limited.

NEW! 3 Locations to Choose From!

  • Rutland [register]
    Willow Park Church - 439 Hwy 33, Kelowna
    Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm, April 6-May 25

  • Mission [register]
    Willow Park Church South - 4574 Raymer Rd, Kelowna
    Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm, April 7-May 26

  • Lake Country [register]
    Winfield Community Church - 9460 Glenmore Rd, Lake Country
    Thursdays, 6-7:30 pm, April 8-May 27


$40 per child

What Will Kids Learn at Clubs?

Kids are naturally curious, and when you’re curious about who God is it’s easy to grow your relationship with Jesus. That’s why, during Kids Club we will be engaging kids’ imaginations!​ Kids will not only get curious about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — but also about the God who created it all! They’ll hear from early church leaders like Paul, Peter, John, and Timothy, who helped the first Jesus-followers wonder why God created the earth, does God have friends, what does God sound like, what made their stories unique, what gifts God gave them (and how they could use those gifts to serve), what they could learn from others, and how they could spend time with God. Each day will be full of crafts, games, and activities to help us explore and find the answers to these questions.

Our Response to COVID-19

Each location will be following the same lessons although it may look slightly different as each location will have its own safety plan based on the buildings and the spaces available to us. The current health orders do allow for children’s programs to continue if the restrictions due to COVID-19 are followed.  These restrictions limit the size of groups for each space so early registration is recommended and mask wearing is encouraged but not mandatory for those under 12 years of age. Because we cannot have spectators in the buildings pick up and drop off will also look a little different as parents you will be unable to stay.   You will find more details of our COVID-19 safety plan below and answers to the most common questions in our FAQ’s below.

We continue to learn and adapt to each new set of restrictions as we find a new kind of normal.  Willow Park Kids is changing the way we do things to help limit the spread of COVID-19.  After reading the current BC Health Guidelines and recommendations, we will be implementing extra safety and sanitation procedures to protect everyone participating in our camp.  Common spaces will be sanitized before and after each use, leaders and children will be screened for wellness at check-in and will be required to undergo regular hand washing during the evening. Volunteers and Staff will maintain a safe physical distance of at least 2 meters from any other participants. All those in attendance over the age of 12 will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of the program and those under 12 will be encouraged to wear a mask (however it is not mandatory.)  Food items will be handled in accordance with Interior Health's Food and Safety guidelines. Space will be limited to comply with group size restrictions.   

For more information, contact Tamara at or call 250.765.6880 x106

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought that churches were closed under the provincial health order, how are you running this program?

The current provincial health order does limit churches and what services we can provide to our communities. Adult based worship services cannot currently happen; however there are some exceptions like baptisms, marriages, funerals that can continue with a limited number of people. Luckily child and youth programs can also still occur if we have a COVID-19 safety plan and are following the restrictions in regard to group size, cleaning and sanitation procedures.

What will the COVID-19 safety policy look like and what changes will my kids notice?

The most obvious changes are the ones that are linked to group size, how we move through our buildings and physical distancing. We currently cannot seat kids in chairs side by side in rows or freely move from room to room in the building to access different activities. We have made changes to turn groups into pods and to have a workstation for each child/household maintaining the 2-meter distance. We also move less through the buildings as the hallways are often the places that make physical distancing the hardest. Children will be with their pod throughout the program and pods will not be mixed or break physical distancing. Since we are entering into spring and longer days, we will take advantage of the outdoor spaces at all our locations so we can enjoy games and activities in a way that provides natural safety.

Does my child have to wear a mask?

Mask wearing is mandatory for all people over the age of 12 when entering a public place. You should know the church is considered a public place so volunteers and parents will be expected to follow this guideline. However, children under 12 years of age are not required to wear a mask. We do however place a very high value on safety for all those who attend so we ask if your child can wear a mask then they should. Everyone will be encouraged to but in no way will we force this on any child who chooses to not wear a mask.

How many people will my child be in contact with?

Your child will be placed in a pod with a max of 12 students and 2 leaders. This will be who your child is in contact with and the only people who will come within 2-meters.

What will be the difference between the different locations?

The general policy and program will be the same for each location. However there may be some differences in the ages of children in each pod; some pods may be organized by grade and others may be mixed gardes. Some locations have larger rooms with multiple points of exit out of a room and these locations will allow for pods to move around the building a bit more. Pick up and drop off may look slightly different to meet the guidelines due to space limitations and setup.

What kinds of activities can my child expect to do?

Your child can expect to participate in engaging Bible stories and fun worship songs. Each week new crafts, games and object lessons will be explored. Children will enjoy a healthy safe snack each night.

What is the age for Kids Club?

Clubs is for any child currently in elementary school.

Can my child invite a friend?

Yes! However, guidelines now require them to be registered in the program. Some locations may host "bring a friend night" if they can remain safely inside the guidelines for group size and volunteers.

Will the kids be in groups? If so, can my child be with a friend or sibling? What if they are different ages?

Yes, children will be placed in pods and we are happy to place your child with a friend or sibling. There are many factors that play a role in how we create these pods (groups) but we always do our best to accommodate requests. When you register there is a question where you can list friends or siblings.

If you have any further questions, contact Tamara at or call 250.765.6880 x106

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