Community Groups

Why are Community Groups important?

It is easy to feel lost in a large church environment. Community Groups (CGs) make Willow Park Church feel small despite the continued growth of the church. We believe that CGs are the place where real life and real issues are discussed. CGs are where meaningful life change can best occur through studying the Bible, serving God, helping one another and living out our mission in Kelowna.

What does a typical Community Group meeting involve?

Every CG has a unique personality and so every group is a bit different. However, at every group you can expect a time of catching up with friends, Bible discussion and prayer. Throughout the year each CG will also look for ways to serve their community with the hope that others will come to know Jesus.

Are children welcome at a Community Group?

We love our kids and families at Willow Park Church and there are a number of CGs where children go along with their parents. Because of the age and stage of life of some group members some groups do not have children. Check with the individual group leaders for more information.

When and where do the Community Groups meet?

CGs meet once a week on various days and nights of the week. Most groups meet at someone’s home and can be found all around the city.

What if I visit a Community Group and it is not for me?

Finding a CG is like finding a church. Sometimes it takes one visit and you know you are ‘home’ and other times you will need to visit a few groups. Feel free to shop! We recommend your first visit be near your home.

What if I cannot attend each week?

While consistent participation will benefit you the most we understand that you may miss a CG - we understand that life sometimes just ‘happens’! However, we want our CGs to be more than just another meeting. Your CG will be where you find great friendships that continue throughout the week – growing in Christ together.

I don’t know the Bible well. Will I feel comfortable?

All the CGs have people at all different levels of spiritual understanding and maturity. CGs are a time for you to explore, ask questions and feel secure that when it comes to learning about Jesus and God – we are all just beginners! 

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